GÜLÇİN AKSOY (1962-2024)

my most beautiful friend,
brilliant conceptual artist,
sharp thinker,
inspiring weaver of wools and letters,
courageous heart, and free spirit,
passionate educator,
most generous soul,
with your unstoppable energy to create new yet unexplored venues in the fields of art and theory,

you have lost your life much too sudden for any of us to cope.

Gülçin Aksoy was with us at House of Taswir’s very beginnings,

we are deeply grateful
for your generosity,
your resilience,
your daring spirits,
your deep artistic research,
your powerful contributions to all our doings –  Wednesday Society, MKM Gallery, Exhibits in Residence, Tisch University, and more

you have gifted us with the gift of your life,
your creativity,
your research,
your generosity,
your sharpness of mind,
your friendship and love.

To your family, your students, your friends, your colleagues,
and all who mourn Gülçin Aksoy and the incredible news of her passing
House of Taswir’s deepest condolences.

May Gülçin’s soul rest in power and may it travel to beautiful lands.

Shulamit Bruckstein/ House of Taswir

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House of Taswir is an international platform for artistic research and diasporic thinking. We create exhibitions and research projects with artists, thinkers, scholars, collectors, and institutions worldwide.

We develop new institutional formats, cultivate techniques of free association, explore principles of dissemination, and connect objects, positions, people, places.

We entertain a fine art space, called MKM/Meine Kleine Mnemosyne in Berlin.  Save a date!

A.S. Bruckstein Çoruh.
Founder and Artistic Director