Meine Kleine Mnemosyne [MKM]

is a collaborative art space situated in the Pergamon Palais in Berlin run by house of taswir, a thinkspace, exhibition, market, and performative installation. A meeting place for collectors, researchers, thinkers and artists.

All works shown here are available upon request.
Contact:  [email protected]


experiments with pre-modern forms of economy, negotiates art works, time, and ideas, welcomes each guest with a different constellation.


is not public and works by personal invitation and encounter only. 

Art @ Pergamon Palais Berlin

Meine Kleine Mnemosyne

Ongoing, dynamic, and variable art installation

Am Kupfergraben 4, 10117 Berlin  / @ dtb lawyers

by personal invitation only  – please contact us via [email protected]

in collaboration with dtb