Taswir Exhibitions

present constellations of contemporary and ancient art.

Our exhibitions are written

according to the architectural principles of medieval glosses, Aby Warburg’s Mnemosyne Atlas, Freud’s Association Machine, and  Walter Benjamin’s

“Method of this work: literary montage.  I have nothing to say, only to show

 All Taswir exhibitions turn into Taswir atlasses

create their own topographies and are ongoing research projects. Many of them are conceived as series, such as

Atlas of Poetry


Solo & Friends

Ghost Exhibitions

Contemporary Ancient

Exhibits in Residence

Object Love

Meine Kleine Mnemosyne / Consul’s Mnemosyne

Wednesday Society


Ongoing Art Space
Meine Kleine Mnemosnye @ House of Taswir

Permanent, dynamic, and variable art installation

by personal invitation – please contact us via [email protected]