Ana Riaboshenko 

“Persecution, then, gives rise to a peculiar technique of writing, and therewith to a peculiar type of literature, in which the truth about all crucial things is presented exclusively between the lines. That literature is addressed, not to all readers, but to trustworthy and intelligent readers only. It has all the advantages of public communication without having its greatest disadvantage – capital punishment for the author.” 

Leo Strauss

Ana Riaboshenko

 Born October 1, 1977 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia

She has obtained a diploma in painting at the Art College of Jacob Nikoladze and a diploma in graphic art at the State Academy of fine Arts, Tbilisi. As conceptual artists she works with video, graphic, painting, installations, performances etc. She is also active as curator for several exhibitions and international art projects.

In 2003 she has founded the TRAM foundation as a non-government contemporary art institution.  Currently Ana Riaboshenko is the Director of Creative Georgia in Tbilisi (since 2017).