Ana Riaboshenko 

“Persecution, then, gives rise to a peculiar technique of writing, and therewith to a peculiar type of literature, in which the truth about all crucial things is presented exclusively between the lines. That literature is addressed, not to all readers, but to trustworthy and intelligent readers only. It has all the advantages of public communication without having its greatest disadvantage – capital punishment for the author.” 

Leo Strauss

Ana Riaboshenko

 Born October 1, 1977 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia

She has obtained a diploma in painting at the Art College of Jacob Nikoladze and a diploma in graphic art at the State Academy of fine Arts, Tbilisi. As conceptual artists she works with video, graphic, painting, installations, performances etc. She is also active as curator for several exhibitions and international art projects.

In 2003 she has founded the TRAM foundation as a non-government contemporary art institution being its president until today. Since 2008 she is a mentor and regional coordinator of Arts and Culture Network Program of Open Society Institute (OSI) in Budapest.

Her object for “Border – Key – Neuropa” has the name “Achtung! Pozor” Uwaga!”. It is situated directly at the border triangle of Germany, Czech Republic and Poland.

Selected solo & group exhibitions

2014 International art symposium ALANICA 2014 , object – КАКАЯ РАЗНИЦА კაკაია რაზნიცა-Vladikavkaz Russia

2014 International artistic project Back Yard Stories, Side specific object CLOUD , Batumi, Georgia

2014 BOMB GALLERY , video DEDABRULI, Mostar ,Bosnia

2013 International project BORDER KEY NEUROPA within the frame of TRANSCAUCAZJA, side specific installation

2013 Achtung ! Pozor! Uwaga! Zittau, Germany

2012 Exhibition Tamada´s tutorial – or a sophisticated guidebook through a false territory. Gallery Meet Factory, object PERPETUMOBILE, Prague, Czech Republic

2011 ARTISTERIUM 2011 – Perpetumobile- multimedia object, within the frame of SAMKURA exhibition, Tbilisi.Georgia

2011 Just So Stories international exhibition Europe House Georgia, Imaginary dimension – installation

2011 CORNERS – International expedition, Turkey , Georgia Azerbaijan

2011 SEAS X –International art Expedition and Research. Turkey –Georgia Sweden

2009 ARTISTERIUM 2009 – As for man, his days are like grass – wall paper, Tbilisi, Georgia

2009 Georgian Contemporary Artists – Orange tiger city and Plastic dog story – wall paper, photo, Chatoe Avon, France

2009 Prague Biennale, Young Georgian expanded paintings – Birth, Dog, Rats, Prague, Chez Republic

2008 ARTISTERIUM 2008 – Sweet-Kills – object, Tbilisi .Georgia

2008 The World One Minutes Video – Video Snow , Today Art Museum, in the frame of the Olympic Games, Beijing, China

2008 Theatrical performance Le Visiteur by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt – scene painting, costumes, light, Rustaveli State Drama Theatre, Tbilisi, Georgia

2007 STOP # 10 – TRAM Foundation presentation – Sugar head, Perpetua-mobile and Snow – video, installation, ARCI Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

2007 II nd Moscow Biennale, Art Digital 2006, Board Situation – Video Snow, Mars Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2007 TRAM exhibition STOP # 10 – Sugar Head, Perpetua-mobile & Snow, Arci Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

2006 Terror Intersection for the Arts BABY SERIES, San Francisco, CA, USA

2006 MULTIPLICITIES by Transit passengers CO City (Colorful City) interactive art, project, France, Sweden, Switzerland.

2006 CAUCASUS BIENNALE DECLARATION Project THERE/HERE – installation, N Gallery, Tbilisi

2006 One minute Video festival Video Snow & That who, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2005 PEK film festival – video-dance Apotheke? and Geometrical sociality, Den Haag,The Netherlands

2005 Art Caucasus 2005, Annual International Contemporary ForumEBOC (Emotional Bank of Caucasus)

2005 Social Space – installation, video, Tbilisi, Georgia,

2005 International art project – Out Low – interactive object Block, NAC (National Art Center) in collaboration with Annette Krauss, Tbilisi, Georgia

2005 Project Art Medicine Apotheke? – video, performance, TRAM Foundation, Westen Apotheke, Stuttgart, Germany

2004 Art Caucasus 2004, The First International Art Expo – TRAM Presentation – Installation, video, paintings, Tbilisi, Georgia

2004 Art Project -TEVZI/FISH – video 9&0, Kodzjori, Georgia

2004 International Art project Foreigner – video installation FID (Foreigner Identification Device) Felix

2004 Meritis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Savane-Winery #1, Tbilisi, Georgia

2004 International Art Project Georgia: From/To – video Nichego, (Nothing), N Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia,

2004 Zverevski Center of Modern Art , Moscow , Russia