Antonia Baehr & Friends

“Find the affinity between yourself and an extinct animal. Create a for a short and personal piece for me, about your affinity to score this animal, keeping our friendship in mind.

The animal represents you and the piece is about the relationship between you and me.”

Antonia Baehr in a letter to her friends

Dodo Heidenreich, D is for Dodo, 2012
Dodo Heidenreich, D is for Dodo, 2012
(Raphus cucullatus) for Antonia Baehr’s "ABeCedarium Bestiarium," 2012, line etching, 10 x 15 cm

Antonia Baehr

Choreographer and filmmaker

Selected Productions

2015 Misses and Mysterium

2013-2014 Abecedarium Bestiarium

2012 My Dog is My Piano

2012 Beginning with the Abecedarium Bestiarium

2010 For Faces

2009 Over The Shoulder

2008 Lachen

2006 Danke

2005 Larry Peacock co-produced with A. Neumann und S. Ercklentz

2004 Un après-midi

2004 Cat Calendar“ with mit Antonija Livingstone

2000 Holding hands with William Wheeler