Verena Gerlach

“The Closed Form [in architecture] appears in a particularly drastic way in the faulty interpretation of industrialization from which emerges the monstrous shape of dull standardization. [This] causes the individuality to become lost in the collective.

The Open Form is to make the individual indispensable in the creation of his or her own surroundings. […] the Open Form in architecture will bring us closer to the ‘ordinary, mundane, things found, broken, accidental’ (Pierre Restany)”.

Oskar Hansen

Verena Gerlach, Aérohabitat, 2010
Verena Gerlach, Aérohabitat, 2010
silkscreen print (20 + AP), 67x100 cm
Verena Gerlach, Coiffeur, 2010
Verena Gerlach, Coiffeur, 2010
silkscreen print (20 + AP), 67x100 cm

Verena Gerlach

born in Berlin, studied Visual Communication at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee. She is an independent graphic designer and typographer.

Selected lectures and workshops (since 2009)

2013  Bokstäver från Berlin, Typografisk fredag 6/12, Stockholm, Sweden

2013 Typographic research in the city scape of Katowice—discovering the core of a multi dimensional layer cake, MiastoLab, Katowice Poland

2013 Ala has a pen – a remixed type workshop in Katowice, AtypI 2013, Amsterdam, Nl

2013 Tipo Brda 2013 Summer typeface design workshop, Å marje, Slovenia

2013 TypoClub der Hochschule der Künste Bern, Bern, Swizerland

2013 katYPo: Typograficzny research Katowic, Medialab, Katowice, Poland

2012 SVA, New York, USA

2012 TypograVieh lebt 8/∞, Weimar, German

2012 edycja – Ala ma pióro / 2nd Edition – Ala has a pen, Akademia Sztuk Pi?knych w Katowicach, Katowice, Poland

2011 tdc (type directors club), New York, USA

2011 logo workshop at Jordan University, Amman/Goethe-Institut Amman (Amman, Jordan)

2011 aed Schrift – Bild – Kunst: Graphic Art, Stuttgart, Germany

2010 tgm (Typografische Gesellschaft München), Germany

2010 typo week,  Bau Barcelona, Spain

2010 A4, Stockholm, Sweden

2009 Poster workshop, Goethe-Institut Amman,  Jordan

2009 Lecture 20 Jahre Mauerfall, Goethe-Institut Algier, Algeria

2009 Lecture Warsaw under Construction, Warsaw, Poland

2009 Lecture + workshop, MCAD, Minneapolis, USA

2009 Erstwerk, Institut für Buchgestaltung Bielefeld, Germany

2009 Poster workshop, Ecole des Beaux-Arts Alger, Goethe-Institut Algiers, Algeria