Maliheh Afnan

“The notion of memory is a central theme and motive in my work. I would say my work is rooted in memory, both in my own and perhaps collective memory. Unconsciously but continually I refer to places, scripts and faces from the past, both real and imagined.

If all of one’s life is registered in the recesses of the unconscious, then one’s work might simply be an unraveling, filtering and transforming of memory through time. Memory is very real.”

Lutz Becker

Maliheh Afnan, Score, 1979
Maliheh Afnan, Score, 1979
black ink on Indian paper, 29 x 46,5 cm

Maliheh Afnan (1935-2016)

Born 1935 in Palestine of Persian parents, educated in Beirut and Washington. Maliheh Afnan lived in Paris for more than twenty years, before moving to London in 1997. Her work is represented in several public collections, including the Metropolitan Museum, New York; The British Museum, London; and Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris.

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