Sidney Corbett

There will never be that stillness.

Within the pulse of flesh, in the dust of being, where we trudge,

turning our hungry gaze this way and that,

the wings of the morning brush through our blood as cloud-shadows brush the land.

What we desire travels with us.

We must breathe time as fishes breathe water.

God’s flight circles us.

Denise Levertov

Sidney Corbett
Sidney Corbett

Sidney Corbett

Composer, born 1960 in Chicago, studied music and philosophy.  Currently professor for composition at the University of the Performing Arts in Mannheim.

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Selected Orchestral Works

Symphony No.1 “Tympan” (1992)

First Performance, RSO Stuttgart, 1993

Symphony No.2 “the immaculate sands” (2004)

First Performance, Niederrheinischen Sinfoniker, Mönchengladbach, 2005

Yaël for Violin and Orchestra (2005)

First Performance, Sinfonietta Basel, Kolja Lessing, Violine, 2005

Symphony No.3.”Breathing the Water” (2006)

First Performance, Staatskapelle Berlin, 2006

Among the Lemmings, 2010

First Performance, Philharmonisches Orchester Cottbus, 2010

Music Theatre/Opera

Das große Heft (The Notebook) , Opera for Soloists, children’s Choir and Orchestra

Libretto by Ralf Waldschmidt and the composer after the novel by Agosta Kristof

First Performance @ Osnarbrück  Theater, 2013

UBU – A Grotesque in five acts for Soloists, children’s Choir and Orchestra

Libretto by Simone de Mello after texts by Alfred Jarry

First Performance @ Gelsenkirchen Opera, 2012

Keine Stille außer der der  Windes (No Silence but That of the Wind),  Chamber Opera

Libretto by Simone de Mello after texts by Fernanado Pessoa

First Performance @  Bremen Theatre  2007

Noach :Opera in 9 Scenes

after a Libretto by Christoph Hein

for Soloists, children’s Choir and Orchestra

First Performance @ Bremen Theatre, 2001

X und Y, Chamber Opera in three scenes for female voice, guitars and tape  

Texts by Anja Tuckermann

WP Eclat Festival @ Stuttgart