Ziad Dalloul

“If we heed this call and make a refuge of such a precarious shelter as a nest – paradoxically no doubt, but in the very impetus of the imagination – we return to the sources of the oneiric house.”

Gaston Bachelard

Ziad Dalloul, La chambre des roseaux, 2014
Ziad Dalloul, La chambre des roseaux, 2014
Oil on canvas 130 x 162 cm Copyright and Courtesy of the Artist

Ziad Dalloul

Born 1953 in Soueida, Syria, lives and works in Paris

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2015 Paintings, Galerie Claude Bernard, Paris

2013 Paintings, ATHR Gallery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

2012 Paintings, Art Paris – Grand Palais, Galerie Claude Bernard, Paris

2011 Paintings, Green Art Gallery, Dubai

2011 Paintings, Sharjah Biennial, UAE

2008 Paintings 2001-2008,  Galerie Claude Bernard, Paris (Cat.)

2007 Paintings, Art Paris – Abu Dhabi, Galerie Claude Bernard, Paris

2006 Paintings, French Cultural Center in Damascus (Bilingual monograph )

2006 Paintings, Centre Jacques-Brel, Thionville, France

2006 Prints, Art space Conservatory of Music (Catalog), Thionville, France

2006 Paintings, Riwaq Gallery, Manama, Bahrain

2005 Paintings, prints and artist books, Musée de l’Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris (Cat.)

2002 Paintings – Prints, Foundation Orestiadi, Palazzo della Cuba, Palermo, Italy (Cat.)

1997 Artworks , 1986-1996, Shoman Foundation, Amman

1996 Works on paper, artist books and prints, French Cultural Centre, Damascus (Cat.)

1996 Paintings, Atassi Gallery, Damascus (Cat.)

1994 Gold medal at The International Triennale of Graphic Arts of Cairo, Cairo

1993 Works on Paper, 50 x 70 Gallery, Beirut

1993 Paintings, Queyras Gallery, Paris

1989 Works on Paper, Urnina Gallery, Damascus

1988 Circumstances of the places, Galerie La Nouvelle Gravure, Paris

1988 Museum books, Vockaer Galerie Michel, Brussels

1980 Works on Paper, Gallery Racim, Algiers

1980 Paintings, Al Chab Gallery, Damascus

1977 Paintings, Urnina Gallery, Damascus